Square-Enix Carmageddon Site Adds Countdown

Square Enix Logo
Image via Square Enix

A new countdown has popped up on a Carmageddon website that is registered to publisher Square-Enix. This mysterious countdown doesn’t have any description by it, though it does feature three skull and crossbones images. Perhaps it’s a countdown for an unveiling of the game at E3 2011, you say? That’s very possible. However, the countdown is set to expire at 5 a.m. on June 1 – days before the Electronic Entertainment Expo opens its doors to video games media. It’s perplexing, but also very interesting.

One would think there will be some sort of announcement in June, relating to a reboot or remake of the Carmageddon franchise, which made its debut in 1997 after being developed by Stainless Games. Inspiration for the car combat game came from the 1975 film, Death Race, by popular independent film creator, Roger Corman.

Perhaps it’s just a countdown to a countdown, which is something that has become somewhat popular recently. Who knows?

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