SSX Gets Social With RiderNet

Not only will SSX allow you to conquer the mountain; it will also let you attempt to conquer the world. You can start with your friends list though.

Due to the recent success of features like Autolog in the Need For Speed series, Electronic Arts has decided to also implement a social interaction feature into SSX. Dubbed RiderNet, it allows gamers to challenge the community, participate in global events (with up to 100,000 players live at once!) and essentially attempt to conquer the world. It’s not just localized to the mountain and a handful of competitors, this time around.

As if this new iteration in the series didn’t look and sound great enough, this new addition makes it even harder to wait for. The RiderNet reveal trailer (posted below) provides some great gameplay footage, showing challenge ghosts and other new features. Though, one of its best features is the listed January 2012 launch window at its conclusion.