Star Fox To Make Debut On Nintendo’s Wii U Before New Zelda Game


As soon as Nintendo lifted the curtain on the first snippet of gameplay from the company’s as-yet-untitled Zelda title, fans of the beloved franchise were left reeling, with The Big N showcasing the game’s open-world structure and stunning aesthetic. But amid the cacophony of Friday’s Game Awards event, the company’s own Shigeru Miyamoto announced that another esteemed Nintendo IP will be making its debut on Wii U before Link and Co: Star Fox.

Speaking during a presentation at Friday’s show, Miyamoto provided an update on the next installment in the franchise, claiming that players will have full rein of Fox’s Arwing using the console’s GamePad.

“Star Fox will arrive before the Legend of Zelda (on Wii U) next year,” the Mario creator confirmed. “The way it uses the Gamepad is really starting to feel good.”

This is the first time that Nintendo has alluded to Star Fox Wii U since it was formally unveiled back at E3 in June, when Miyamoto himself stated that the game was about a year away from completion. Such an estimation would mean that the on-rails shooter may make its bow during the summer months, while The Legend of Zelda could arrive in time for Christmas 2015.

Alas, not much is known about the new additions that fans can expect with the franchise’s maiden title on Wii U. Nintendo has hinted that it plans to include a two-player mode which would see players collaborate in order to retrieve items on the ground, while the other provides back-up from above.

We’ll keep you right up to date on the status of the Wii U exclusive as it appears, but for now, you can let us know what you’d like to see in the next Star Fox title in the comments below.