Star Wars Joins The Line-Up For Disney Infinity 3.0


Though it may have leaked ahead of time last week, Disney has formally unveiled the next chapter in its lucrative sandbox franchise via Game Informer as Disney Infinity 3.0, which will bring together faces old and new for another bout of pixelated action.

As fans of the series are well aware, Disney’s creative IP is all about the characters leading the battle charge, and the mainline attraction for 3.0 is the addition of Star Wars and its prized assets. Catering to both trilogies, the latest installment will launch with Twilight of the Republic later this year, focusing on the adventures of Anakin et al. post-Attack of the Clones. As for Rise Against the Empire, old-school Star Wars fans will be pleased to note that this story pack will bring back favorites such as Luke, Leia and Han. Characters can transition between trilogies, too, because continuity has no hold on the Disney Infinity universe.

In tandem with today’s reveal, John Blackburn — Senior Vice President of the IP — spoke with excitement about the new roster of characters.

“Star Wars is a cross-generational franchise, and Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition creates an incredible opportunity for families and fans to relive their favorite Star Wars moments. With the addition of Star Wars, Inside Out and new Disney and Marvel characters, Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition will be the most ambitious and diverse offering yet and also the most accessible, with a lower suggested retail price for this year’s Starter Pack.”

There’s also content packs featuring Age of Ultron characters and Pixar’s upcoming animation, Inside Out, as Disney looks to bolster the franchise’s already jam-packed roster. The company has detailed a whole host of supplementary expansions alongside the three main titles, and you can have a gander at them through Disney’s official website.

According to Game Informer the Star Wars-themed Disney Infinity set will launch this fall across PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U. It will be priced at $64 for the starter pack.