Star Wars: The Old Republic Leak Reveals Legacy Of The Sith Expansion

Darth Revan Star wars knights of the old republic

BioWare Austin’s plans to deliver a major expansion for long-running MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic have been revealed ahead of schedule.

As spotted by Reddit user FlyingScotsmanZA, the French division of EA seemingly hit publish on a press release not intended to be made public until the company’s live showcase later this month. Presented as a celebration of the title’s 10th anniversary, Legacy of the Sith aims to deliver an entirely new story, end-game missions, improved characters and, perhaps most interesting of all, overhauled combat systems. With a decade of service under its belt, it’s certainly no secret that the massively multiplayer adventure set in a galaxy far, far away is beginning to show its age, making a revamp of some older content and systems a popular request by fans old and new.

In terms of narrative, BioWare says bounty hunters, Jedi and smugglers alike will heed the call to hunt down renegade Sith Dark Malgus on a distant planet. While no name is provided for this faraway celestial body, the now-removed announcement does contain some new concept art presumably depicting its surface. Check them out for yourselves in the gallery below.

Accompanying an addition to the “award-winning” story will be an entirely new customization option dubbed Fighting Styles. How exactly this will work in practice remains to be seen but on paper, players will be able to splice together powers from different skill trees. No doubt there will be restrictions in place here (only Force-using classes will have access to telekinesis, for example) but this ambitious innovation combined with other enhancements will assuredly serve to keep the experience feeling fresh for a potential further decade or more.

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Legacy of the Sith releases this holiday for PC.