Star Wars: Squadrons Will Have Cross-Play Across Every Platform

star wars squadrons

Star Wars fans are always eager to get their hands on new franchise content, and one such piece of content we’ve all been clamoring for for quite some time is a dogfighting game. EA recently answered that call by announcing a new title that takes place entirely in starfighters. Star Wars: Squadrons features both a single-player campaign and a 5v5 multiplayer mode that pits players against each other in space combat, and although we’ve only seen the debut CGI trailer, all signs point to it being pretty awesome.

Some of the best news to come out about Star Wars: Squadrons so far, however, is that it will feature cross-play between every platform immediately upon release. That means PS4, Xbox One, PC, and VR headset users will all get a chance to fight it out together in their starfighter of choice. It’s nice to see communities brought together through cross-play, and EA seems to be one publisher intent on adopting this ever-expanding feature. Most recently, they updated Need for Speed Heat to allow cross-play to great success, so here’s to hoping they keep it up.

If you’re not sold on Star Wars: Squadrons yet, perhaps its low price point of only $39.99 will make a purchase more enticing for you. We don’t know how long the single-player campaign will run or how expansive the multiplayer modes will be, but at such an affordable price, it’s sure to be a popular pick up this holiday season. Unfortunately, there’s been no confirmation about PS5 and Xbox Series X editions, but it should at the very least be playable on both consoles at the same fidelity as current-gen hardware.

Star Wars: Squadrons launches October 2nd for PS4, Xbox One, PC and VR headsets.