Starhawk Public Beta Schedule Detailed

Those begging for a chance to get into a Starhawk beta won’t have to wait much longer. Although. depending on your status within the hierarchy of PlayStation users, you might have to wait significantly shorter.

The schedule, as revealed by the PlayStation Blog, will see a slow trickle of letting certain people in. The release schedule is as follows, in fancy list format for ease of reading:

  • January 17: PlayStation Plus users and those invited to the private beta
  • January 31: Users who redeemed the beta voucher inside copies of Uncharted 3
  • February 7: GameStop and PlayStation will give away vouchers on their respective Facebook pages
  • February 14: IGN will give away vouchers
  • February 21: Open to everyone

In addition, Sony has released a new trailer showing various gaming writers being excited about Starhawk. You should be excited as well, because the early beta was pretty cool. Just saying.

What say you, gamers? Which group do you fit into?

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