The Status Of Our The Elder Scrolls: Online Review


Some of you are probably wondering where our review for The Elder Scrolls: Online is. Here at the We Got This Covered bunker, we pride ourselves on bringing you thorough and fair reviews, and that’s something that can take a bit of time. With The Elder Scrolls: Online, we feel that it’s impossible to give an honest and accurate impression of the game at this point.

While it may not make the most financial sense in the short term, delaying our review is the best answer in the long term. Not only out of respect for you, our reader, but in an effort to maintain our journalistic credibility.

We’re taking a little extra time to make sure that we can give an honest and unbiased look at the entire package. While we were able to get a bit of playtime over the past week, without seeing how the game would respond to a full load of players, a lot of the data we got was irrelevant as far as latency and connection issues go. Now that we’re able to really dive into the full experience, we can relay exactly what you guys would be buying into, as opposed to an ideal situation.

From all of us in the We Got This Covered bunker, we thank you for your patience and, more importantly, your readership. We strive to hold ourselves to a better standard, and you deserve it. Thank you for your patience, and you can expect our full review within the next week.

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