Steam Sale Day 11: Ninja Mafia Demons

As we get closer to the end of the sales, Steam continues it’s rampage on my credit score much like Godzilla through Tokyo. Except I’m pretty sure Steam has caused more explosions.

Just a reminder, if it’s not on sale wait for a Daily Deal or for the last day of the sale to see if you can grab it cheaper.

Sword Of The Stars II: Lords Of Winter – $19.99 – Setting a twenty dollar bill on fire will gather more interest than you will ever have in this game, and at least with burning it you can pretend to be Scrooge McDuck. This game is unfinished at this point and has more bugs than the New York sewer system.  If they ever finish this, it would be worth looking into but for now don’t come anywhere near this one.

Men Of War – $3.74 – Men Of War does a decent job of invoking the real fear of war as this game is brutally hard and will punish you for the slightest misstep.  If you’re willing to work with the steep learning curve and the outdated visuals, there is a lot of fun to be had here.  My recommendation is to grab either the original or Red Tide for single player or Assault Squad for the multiplayer while staying the hell away from Vietnam

Wasteland Angel – $2.50 – I had never heard of Wasteland Angel before, and it turns out there’s a reason for this.  There’s simply nothing about this title that’s noteworthy.  It’s not bad, it’s just bland.  You may fall in love with it, but even at this price I can’t fully recommend it.  Try the demo and decide for yourself

Total War: Shogun 2  – $7.50 – To be honest, I’m surprised to see this title at this price.  It’s easily one of the best in the Total War series and offers an impeccable strategy experience.  Shogun is a prime launching point for newcomers to get into the series as it’s a bit more streamlined than past titles, and veterans will love to see some of the mechanics the series is known for being updated without leaving its roots.  This one is definitely one to pick up.

Dungeon Siege III – $19.99 – Another title that just fell a bit flat of expectations this year.  The game is aggressively average, seeming to purposely torpedo any promise it gets with bad ideas.  Pass on this one, it’s simply not worth the $19.99 when it’s been spotted for $5 on Amazon in the past.

Left4Dead – $5.00-$7.49 – It’s amazing to think that these titles have been around since 2008.  The multiplayer coop shooter still thrills players with precise gunplay and excellent pacing pair with incredible characterization.  I can’t really recommend the first title since Valve is currently porting all of the maps from L4D1 into L4D2, but if you haven’t already picked up Left 4 Dead 2, 5 bucks is a steal for the title.

Lord Of The Rings: War In The North – $33.50 – Well, it seems not every day can be packed with winners as this is another subpar game with a high asking price.  The title is marred with issues ranging from horrid checkpoints to just outright bland combat.  If you NEED a coop hack and slash, this could be something to look into, but everyone else would do better to look elsewhere.

Quake Collection – $7.50 – Every so often you need to come back to the classics, and Quake is undoubtedly one of those classics.  While the games may seem a bit outdated, they offer an experience not matched by anything on the market right now and are deservedly called some of the best ever.  Quake III: Arena is touted as the pinnacle, but I’m personally a fan of Quake IV.  You can’t really go wrong with any of these though.

Mafia II – $7.50 – I can’t be the only one thinking that this title is on sale all the time.  Anyways, it’s a quality title and this price seems somewhat consistent.  It has a few weird mechanics and it doesn’t hold up against some of the more recent sand box games.  It may also be the most linear sandbox game I’ve played since L.A. Noir.  Overall it’s not a bad buy, but it may be worth saving the money towards a bigger title.

Xoitic – $2.50 – Xoitic is a truly unique game.  This score focused FPS manages to infuse an almost an extremely competitive title with a story that goes beyond surreal.  The visuals are damn near overwhelming, but never feel out of place or forced.  You may want to try the demo on this one, but I whole heartedly recommend it for the price.

The Binding of Issac – $1.24 – The Binding Of Issac is a cross between a rougelike RPG with a topdown shooter and a bit of The Legend Of Zelda thrown in for good measure.  You play as Issac who is fighting for his life as his mother has been told to kill him by God.  It’s an insane premise, and the game is absolutely bonkers.  The game is grotesque and very hard.  That being said, it’s an incredibly fun title and for that price it’s easily the steal of the day.