The Last Story Will Be A “Limited Run” In The U.S.

Ken Berry, the Director of Publishing for XSEED Games, revealed to IGN that the company is only planning to manufacture a “limited run” for The Last Story on Wii when it launches later this Summer in the United States.

“… we do anticipate a limited run for the game as we already have a number in mind of how many units we can expect to sell of this title, and all our pre-production efforts will be geared towards being able to manufacture a final number somewhat close to our initial estimated number. It’s too early to start thinking of doing additional runs, but as a general policy we haven’t been very active on doing reprints of our other titles so far.”

Given the declining state of Wii software sales that doesn’t contain the words “Zumba” or “Just Dance” in the title, I would expect that XSEED has projected some fairly low sales numbers for The Last Story. If you were looking forward to picking up what is sure to be one of the last hurrahs for the Wii it might not be a bad idea to go ahead and pre-order a copy.

You don’t want to do what I did with the Metroid Prime Trilogy, another title Nintendo released as a limited run, and be forced to pay ebay prices after it disappeared from retail shelves.

Source: GoNintendo

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