Street Fighter V Beta Returns Later This Month


Technical issues may have clipped the wings of the first beta test for Capcom’s upcoming brawler, but today the studio has confirmed plans to host a phase of testing for both the PlayStation 4 and PC versions of Street Fighter V later this month. Marking the sequel’s pre-emptive debut on PC, the beta will take place from October 22 to October 25.

Offering a more robust build of the game than the one showcased in the fallout of E3 some months back, the developer notes that early users can enjoy cross-play between both systems on the final two days of the beta, itself including new fighters, ranked matchmaking, and a player search feature.

Mind you, Capcom was quick to note that the next bout of testing for Street Fighter V is still subject to technical issues, confirming that “users may experience issues. It’s these issues, however, that provide Capcom with valuable information to ensure that Street Fighter V is as optimized as possible upon final release, so we appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.”

In a comprehensive post via its blog, the Japanese publisher provided a rundown of all the features fans can expect in the brawler’s sophomore beta.

PC Play – PC users can participate in the beta from 10/24-10/25. Minimum and recommended specs are available here.

PS4 to PC Cross-Platform Play – PS4 fighters can battle PC brawlers through the game’s cross-platform play functionality, which will be active from 10/24-10/25. This marks the first time that Capcom has allowed for cross-platform PC/console play in a Street Fighter game.

Characters – A mix of classic, returning and all-new characters will be available to play during this beta: Ken, Necalli, Vega and R. Mika are available throughout the entire beta period. Rashid will be automatically unlocked on 10/23, and Karin will be available on 10/24.

Ranked Matchmaking – Full ranked matchmaking will allow players to be paired with fighters of an equal skill level, with players rising in rank and difficulty level as they progress.

Combined Leaderboards – The best of the PS4 will face off against the best of the PC, with a combined leaderboard that will track players from both platforms.

Player Search – Players can now see the strategies, fighter profile and status of top players on the leaderboard through the player search functionality.

Fight Money Unlockables – By playing the beta, players can earn Fight Money, which can be redeemed for items during the beta. Fight Money and acquired items cannot be carried over into the next beta or the final game.

Capcom is yet to detail the exact times when the latest Street Fighter V beta will go live, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted as we learn more.

Source: Capcom