Suda 51’s Killer Is Dead Set To Launch Worldwide This Summer

Kadokawa Games and Grasshopper Manufacture announced today that they have partnered with multiple publishers to release their next jointly developed game, Killer is Dead, worldwide this Summer for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Confirming recent domain registrations, Kadokawa revealed that XSEED Games will be acting as publisher for Suda 51’s Killer is Dead in North America. Additionally, Koch Media’s game label Deep Silver (who recently purchased the Saints Row IP in THQ’s bankruptcy auction) will bring the game to Europe and Oceania.

Killer is Dead takes place in the “not-so-distant future” on a world that is “similar”, but “not the same as” our own. Players take control of a 35-year-old man named Mondo Zappa, who takes take a job with the Brian Execution Firm that has him traveling the world to kill a number of “cunningly evil” assassins.

To execute (get it?) his new job requirements Mondo has two different weapons; a Japanese sword that he uses in his right hand, and an artificial left arm that can be used as an interchangeable weapons platform. While his sword is limited to close-quarter attacks, Mondo’s cybernetic arm can be outfitted with a gun, drill, or a number of other weapons he obtains throughout the course of the game. Additionally, it has the ability to “collect” blood from fallen enemies that can be spent on “Adrenalin Burst” attacks to kill his foes with a single blow.

As part of today’s announcement Kadokawa also revealed several screenshots for Killer is Dead, which you can view in the gallery below. Unfortunately, the Western version of the game’s debut trailer has not yet been released. Once the various publishers make it available we will let you know, until then you can check out the Japanese version to get a good idea as to what to expect from the upcoming game. Suda 51 fans will not be disappointed.

Full press release:

KADOKAWA GAMES announces global publishing partners for “KILLER IS DEADTM”

Game will be released by XSEED in North America and Deep Silver in Europe and Oceania

31 January 2013 – Hampshire, UK/… KADOKAWA GAMES, LTD. announced plans for a global release of its highly anticipated action game “KILLER IS DEAD™” on the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft.

Following “LOLLIPOP CHAINSAW,” KADOKAWA GAMES has been working together with GRASSHOPPER MANUFACTURE INC. and executive director SUDA51 on development for this title.

KADOKAWA GAMES today announced a partnership with XSEED Games to bring “KILLER IS DEAD” to North America. Additionally, KADOKAWA GAMES and Deep Silver, the games label of Koch Media, a leading producer and distributor of digital entertainment products, will bring the title to the countries of Europe and Oceania.

“KILLER IS DEAD” is expected to launch worldwide in Summer 2013 for PlayStation®3 and Xbox 360.

“KILLER IS DEAD” is set in a not-so-distant future similar to (but not the same as) the world we know now. The player takes control of an executioner named Mondo Zappa who wields a Japanese sword in his right hand and brandishes interchangeable weapons in his left artificial arm. His ultimate goal is to execute various heinous criminals scattered around the world and beyond.

Completely unique visuals and outstanding stylish action come together to deliver an unprecedented gaming experience in “KILLER IS DEAD.” This brand-new action title is being jointly developed by KADOKAWA GAMES and GRASSHOPPER MANUFACTURE, with SUDA51 lending his trademark sense of style at the helm. It will be available worldwide in Summer 2013.