Suda 51’s Intense Horror Title Let It Die Is Exclusive To PlayStation 4


The latest project from Goichi Suda, better know in gaming circles as the revered, wholly idiosyncratic Suda 51, has been revealed as Let it Die, a PlayStation 4 exclusive due to release in 2015.

Developed alongside Gung Ho Online Entertainment and Grasshopper Manufacture Team, Let it Die is essentially an all-new horror game with a particular focus on brawler-styled combat. And to gain a gist of its grotesque nature, you can feast your eyes on the reveal trailer below.

In combining live-action elements with batches of gory gameplay footage, the trailer paints a horrifying, albeit brief, picture of what we can expect from Let it Die. As the video above hints at, it seems Suda 51’s upcoming scarefest will force players to experiment with a variety of weaponry — including a spiked baseball bat and a rather horrifying morning star — thereby granting in-game attribute bonuses.

Given that the PlayStation 4 exclusive will be a product from the creative minds behind titles as rare and left-field Killer is Dead along with 2012’s balls to the wall Lollipop Chainsaw, Suda 51’s latest will be nothing if not unique.

Let it Die is currently pegged for release on PlayStation 4 at some stage in 2015.