Super Mario 3D Land Has New Firmware Update

Copies of Super Mario 3D Land are already hitting 3DS handhelds in Japan, and players are being prompted to download a new firmware update as soon as they fire up the game.

The update prompts before the game can start up, and players must download the new update before they can play the game. So unless you really don’t want to play the most anticipated 3DS game of the year, it’s a required update.

The update is not the one we detailed a few weeks ago, but instead makes the online friends list a bit easier to use. A button is now added so players can join a friend’s game.

Additionally, there’s a few security updates to fight the use of flashcarts, the tool used in pirating games for handheld devices.

Super Mario 3D Land releases in NTSC-land on November 13.

What say you, gamers?