Super Meat Boy Finally Reaches Wii U On May 12

Super Meat Boy Screenshot 1

It may have taken four very long years for Wii U owners to get their hands on it, but Team Meat’s critically-acclaimed Super Meat Boy finally hits Nintendo’s console next week, May 12.

Originally released back in 2010, the excruciatingly difficult platformer almost single-handedly set a new standard for the quality of not only indie games, but the platforming genre as a whole. Think of it as a more ‘meaty’ Mario title but roughly a million times more difficult, and that’s essentially what you’ve got.

Anyway, the release date was announced on the developer’s Twitter account with a Tweet that simply reads:

“PSA: Super Meat Boy will be released on WiiU May 12th! Everyone thank @BitWorks!!! Once again they did an amazing job!”

Why the port to Nintendo’s console took so long remains unclear, but it seems to have had something to do with the size restriction on WiiWare games being 40MB or less, a far cry from Super Meat Boy‘s size of 661MB. Either way, we’re just glad that a whole new audience will now get the chance to experience Meat Boy’s quest to rescue Bandage Girl from the clutches of the evil Dr. Fetus.