Super Smash Bros. 3DS Adds Exclusive, 4-Player Smash Run Mode


Adding onto the previously-published Super Smash Bros. news from today’s livestream is the fact that the 3DS version will include an exclusive multiplayer mode called Smash Run. A partially randomized, four-player scenario, it will surely add a great amount of replay value to the game.

What is Smash Run, exactly? It’s best-described as a multiplayer battle game, which has players running through different, dungeon-like environments, in search of special power-ups. As they make their way through, they’ll come across enemies — at least some of whom will be randomized — that will need to be dispatched of.

At the beginning of each match, players will be able to outfit their chosen characters with items, in order to boost their skills and gain an advantage. Then, once the starting timer has counted downward to its end, the action will begin on an expansive battlefield, before moving into the aforementioned, dungeon-like areas. Additionally, following the end of the players’ power-up hunting — which is said to be limited to just five minutes — an all-out battle will occur, during which a winner will be crowned.

If what’s written above sounds vaguely familiar, you’re likely not mistaken. That is, if you’ve played Kirby’s Air Ride, which featured a mode that is similar to this Super Smash Bros. 3DS exclusive.

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