Supergiant Games’ Visually Astute Transistor Pegged For May 20th



Supergiant Games has announced that Transistor, the spiritual successor to 2011’s critically lauded Bastion, will launch across PS4 and PC on May 20th.

Taking to the game’s official webpage, the studio confirmed the title’s release all the while inviting fans to the game’s booth at PAX East to test out a preview build of Transistor a few weeks ahead of schedule. At this time, Supergiant reaffirmed that there aren’t any preorder options right now, however, the studio is said to be looking into the possibility:

“Not at this time, though we’re looking into it,” said Greg Kasavin, the game’s writer.

For the game, players will assume the role of Red, a mysterious young woman who comes across a powerful, neon-blue sword called, you guessed it, Transistor. Adopting the familiar isometric viewpoint from Bastion, Supergiant’s follow-up title takes place in the futuristic metropolis of Cloudbank, within which our heroine must evade a sinister, as-yet-unknown adversary.

One of the game’s most intriguing features, though, is its titular blade. Not only will the sword possess the ability to speak (voiced by Logan Cunningham, the same dulcet tones that guided us through Caeldonia), it also grants players the ability to pause in-game combat. At this time, not much is known about the core narrative, but we can expect Supergiant to release more details regarding the game in the build-up to launch.

Priced at $19.99 (£14.99), Transistor will launch across PlayStation 4 and PC on May 20th. In addition, it is understood that Supergiant Games plans to bring the game to Mac and Linux in the months after release, too.

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