Microsoft Introduces The Surface

Speculation on Microsoft’s ‘guess our big announcement game’ is finally put to rest after this afternoon’s mammoth sized announcement.

At a Los Angeles event, the company announced a new tablet called the Microsoft Surface. The tablet will run off of Windows 8 and the company is calling it “companion hardware innovation” for the operating system itself.

The innovative tablet is really a remarkable step into the future of hand-held devices. With its built-in kick stand and ingenious cover that doubles as a touch-typing keyboard, the tablet is sure to put Microsoft ahead of its competitors. Who knows, maybe they’ll give Apple a run for their money?

Personally, I think that this is genius venture Microsoft has dived into. You can’t go wrong with a tablet doubling as a laptop. I can already promise you that my iPad is going to get the boot as I welcome the Surface into my hands.

Furthermore, we can speculate that the tablet will support Windows 8 games and also that it might work in conjunction with Xbox’s Smart Glass technology.

No news yet on a release date, but we hope Microsoft will let us know soon.