Team Fortress 2 Receives Sleeping Dogs Inspired ‘Kong King’ Map

Team Fortress 2 already contains a rather abundant amount of content, even if one discounts the various vanity items, but one thing has undoubtedly been missing: a King of the Hill map set within a Chinese cityscape and entitled in an alliterative manner. Well, it is missing no more.

Announced on the official TF2 blog earlier today, ‘Kong King’ is a new King of the Hill map that has just been added to the game. It’s the first city-themed map to be released and represents the collaborative efforts of Valve, Sleeping Dogs developer United front Games and community member Valentin Levillain (aka 3Dnj).

Despite coming at the cost of Valentin fulfiling his “true destiny as a roguishly handsome super-villain,” according to the characteristically amusing announcement at least, the map is a welcomed addition to the free-to-play Team Fortress 2.

I have yet to tread the streets of the city myself, but from the image above it looks like a rather distinctive locale that will serve my thirst for slaughter remarkably well.