Telltale Says There’s More Walking Dead To Come


It’s been a busy week for the Walking Dead franchise. The second episode in Telltale Games‘ adventure series based on the comic book, Starved For Help, just got released, and to add to that, Activision confirmed the development of a first-person action game based on the TV series. Now, Telltale has said that not only will their game get a retail release once all five episodes are done, but there will be more to come from them afterwards.

The Walking Dead has sold nearly 1.7 million episodes to consumers in just our first 8 weeks with no signs of slowing down,” said Telltale’s Senior VP of Marketing, Steve Allison, in a recent statement. Along with reconfirming the slated release date for the third episode in August, Allison added, “Following the digital release of our fifth episode, we will also be coming to North American retail shortly thereafter, and this will not be the last The Walking Dead game series that we do.”

The first two episodes of the Walking Dead adventure game have been hits both critically and financially, so it makes perfect sense that Telltale will pursue more opportunities with the brand. What has already been released has been very impressive and as of now, I’m all for seeing more from this excellent series. I say bring it on!

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