Terrifying But Beautiful New Screenshots For The Last Of Us

Even before the Spike Video Game Awards aired last Saturday night, one of its biggest announcements was the talk of the video game community. News regarding The Last of Us – a PS3 exclusive – leaked onto the ‘net a couple of days before its existence was made official at the ceremony. Since then, the buzz has multiplied, as gamers eagerly await more news about the Naughty Dog project. Apparently, the survival horror title has been in-development at the studio, for the last two years.

In order to pique our collective interest even more, the game’s development team has released a set of several new screenshots. Quite impressive shots, if I must say so myself. Exterior screens show an autumn-blanketed and overgrown city, which has turned into what resembles a quiet ghost town. However, when we step inside to where our heroic father and daughter team is hiding, it’s a different story. Fearing for their lives, they’re shown fending off heinous creatures with ammunition-based means.

I’m all for a new survival horror experience. Since the days of Resident Evil 2 and Silent Hill 2, the creepy genre has become a personal favourite. The Last Of Us looks like it could be another tense and high-quality release, which is something that I also expect Silent Hill: Downpour to be (having played its twenty-minute long demo.)

With Naughty Dog at the helm of this project, it’s hard not to expect something great. These incredibly detailed and impressive screenshots make the game even harder to wait for.

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