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The 10 Best Disney Board Games, Ranked

These board games from Disney are the perfect fit for any family game night.

Disney’s long and storied history has taken the company into every area imaginable. From obvious things like movies, books, and music, to more obscure products like theme parks, workout equipment, and even board games. Today, there are loads of Disney board games on the market, from re-themed classics to original games that are sure to appeal to even the most devoted board game fan. 

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So if you want to add a touch of Disney magic to your next game night, here are 10 of the best Disney board games. 

10. Cranium: Disney Family Edition

Cranium has been a family game night staple since its release in 1998, and this Disney coat of paint adds some flair while not taking away from what made the original game so good. 

An extremely simple to learn party game, Cranium sees players take on various challenges as they make their way around the board. These challenges cover everything from simple trivia to acting out favorite films or drawing objects with your eyes closed. These games are well structured, so both adults and children can have fun, making it great for mixed groups. 

9. Codenames: Disney Family Edition

Codenames quickly established itself as a modern board game classic. Its blend of teamwork, deception, and strategy has entertained thousands of players. Playing in teams, one player has to get their teammates to select the correctly named cards from a grid by only giving one-word clues. 

This Disney version doesn’t change the mechanics, it only replaces the random words with Disney character names. This means the game is still as good as ever, and Disney fans will have a blast trying to find the correct characters. 

8. Pictopia: Disney Edition

Pictopia is a unique trivia game. Players draw cards from a deck and then wager how well they think they’ll do at questions themed around the image on the card. If you get the question right, you get to move on the board, and the first person to reach the castle wins. As a bonus, some cards require teamwork or even guessing another player’s answers setting this apart from basic trivia quizzes. 

The game’s questions are not the most difficult in the world. However, this makes it perfect for younger players and family groups, making this a fun and accessible trivia game. 

7. Meme: The Game – Disney Edition

Inspired by party improv games like Cards Against Humanity, Meme: The Game sees players use caption cards and images to create the funniest memes possible. 

This version of the game strips out a lot of the adult humor of the original version and replaces the meme images with stills from various Disney movies. While the lack of adult humor may put off some players, this is a simple and low-effort party game that’s perfect for groups who want a quick giggle without having to wade through complex rules.  

6. Colour Brain: Disney Edition

Colour Brain is a very unique twist on a trivia game. It gives each player a hand of 11 cards, each one representing a different color. Each question asks players to remember the color of an object or outfit, and players answer by playing the corresponding color card. What makes Colour Brain super fun is the scoring system. If you get a question right, you get points equal to the number of players who got the question wrong. So if everyone is correct, no one scores.

This leads to a fun game that is suitable for the whole family. The Disney twist really works here as Disney’s bright and varied color palettes allow for many fun and challenging questions that will keep you guessing. 

5. Hocus Pocus: The Game

Inspired by the cult classic film of the same name, Hocus Pocus: The Game sees players working together to stop the evil Sanderson sisters. To do this, you’ll need to ruin their potion three times before the sun comes up. 

Each player has a hand of ingredient cards, and they have to add these cards to the cauldron, matching either the ingredient type or color each time. Players are allowed to ask questions about other player’s hands. Letting you plan and strategize future moves while also allowing for some creative teamwork. Hocus Pocus: The Game, while simple to learn, has a good amount of depth, allowing players young and old to have a great time while playing it. 

4. Jungle Cruise Adventure Game

Inspired by the Disney parks attraction and the new movie, Jungle Cruise Adventure Game sees the players take the role of boat skippers trying to move cargo and passengers around the jungle. The game also has a deduction aspect as players have to use clues to deduce which groups of passengers are worth more points. The player who gets the most points from both their passengers and delivered cargo wins. 

This leads to a fun game that has a good mix of strategy and luck. The game has fantastic art and some nice touches, like the puns and dad jokes on the cards.

3. Talisman: Kingdom Hearts

Talisman was made by Games Workshop in 1983, and its combination of strategy, adventure, and questing made it an instant hit. Now, thanks to this Kingdom Hearts version, you can enjoy all of the fun with your favorite Disney and Final Fantasy characters. 

Players make their way through three areas, fighting monsters and completing tasks as they try to seal the Door To Darkness. As they do, they’ll pick up items and treasures that will aid them and help them grow in power. Once a player is powerful enough, they’ll move onto the next area and continue this until they close the Door To Darkness. The first player to close the door is declared the winner. 

While the Kingdom Hearts skin adds little to the game, it doesn’t need to. There is a reason that Talisman has been a board game night staple since the 1980s. Its progression system and sense of adventure make for an always-exciting game that will appeal to players of all types. 

2. The Haunted Mansion – Call of the Spirits

Inspired by Disney’s legendary theme park attraction, The Haunted Mansion- Call Of The Spirits sees players exploring the titular mansion and its various rooms. Each turn, every player gets to do 3 actions from a list of five options, meaning that this game has a decent amount of depth and strategy. 

Players aim to collect as many ghosts, and thus points, as possible before the end of the game. But they have to watch out for haunt cards as these cards hinder your progress in various ways. This whole thing is made more interesting by a flexible ending system that will keep players on their toes, never knowing when the game will end. The art for this game is fantastic, evoking memorable scenes from the original ride while giving them a new twist. 

1. Disney Villainous

The Disney villains are some of the most iconic characters in cinema and pop-culture history. This game allows you to take control of these legendary characters as you attempt to spread discord and chaos around the world. Disney Villainous is an asymmetrical game, so each player has their own goal and board to play on and a suite of unique special skills and abilities. Your aim is to complete your character’s goal before any other player completes theirs, making this a fast and frantic race against time. However, just because your goals and boards are different, it doesn’t mean you can’t engage in some skullduggery to mess with other players, as the Fate deck contains cards that allow you to put roadblocks in front of other villains. 

The fact that each villain has their own board and goal gives this game a lot of replay value as you try to work out the best strategy for each character. However, this game is slightly more complex than others on this list, making it perfect for older players but a little intimidating for kids.