Michael Myers in 'Halloween Ends'
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The 7 horror characters we’d love to see in Blumhouse Games’ video game universe

Bring on these playable horror characters, Blumhouse.

As an absolute pioneer in the ever-present horror genre, production house Blumhouse is a solidified powerhouse in regard to spooktacular movies that terrify audiences and supply horror fanatics with endless content. But while the production giant has specifically focused on films in the past, the versatile juggernaut has now decided to extend its limbs and wrap its arms around the concept of a video game universe. With an impressive resume of blockbuster horror hits already under its belt, Blumhouse swooping in to create a video game realm certainly feels like the perfect formula for success.

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In the aftermath of the official announcement, the internet burst into flames with excitement as horror fanatics as far as the eye can see congregated over a broad range of possible ideas. From memorable Blumhouse horror villains to fresh-faced baddies, there’s simply no denying that the production giant is aiming to create an unforgettable gaming experience for devoted genre diehards. So, let’s dive into the seven best characters we’d love to see in Blumhouse’s video game landscape.


'M3GAN 2.0' is happening and even has a release date
Image via Universal Pictures

Without a doubt, a horror game specifically centered around M3GAN feels like it could be a dream come true. Considering how well-received the film has been since its release in January, having the android-esque horror villain maneuver throughout her own game as a mind-melting baddie would be a worthwhile step for Blumhouse to take. The fundamentals would need to be completely ironed out, of course, but the potential here definitely needs to be capitalized on.

Lipstick-Face Demon — (Insidious)

The Lipstick-Faced Demon behind Josh Lambert in Insidious
Image via Blumhouse

One of the scariest horror villains in Blumhouse’s repertoire involves the terrifying Lipstick-Face Demon from James Wan’s Insidious. And while the memorable horror franchise has boasted a variety of baddies, there’s no discounting that Lipstick-Face is arguably the most horrifying of them all. The accolade certainly earns him the right to receive his own horror video game, where he can successfully stalk and haunt unsuspecting victims from all walks of life.

Ghostface — (Scream)

Ghostface in 'Scream VI'
Image via Paramount Pictures

As one of the most iconic horror villains of all time, a horror game revolving around Ghostface almost feels like a necessity. Sure, Ghostface is already heavily involved in Dead by Daylight, but a third-person game in the vein of The Quarry which focuses on Ghostface’s antics and victim-targeting just sounds like dollar signs. The possibilities are seemingly endless, but it’s ultimately up to Blumhouse to decide which direction it chooses to go with a baddie like Ghostface in its hands.

Bughuul — (Sinister)

Mr Boogie from Sinister
Image via Blumhouse

In the vein of unsettling horror villains, Sinister’s Bughuul is undoubtedly near the top of the list. The baddie was first introduced in the original film as an ancient demonic deity that feeds on the sorrow and helplessness of children — all while convincing those same children to turn on their parents and siblings and record personalized videos of them slaughtering their families. Seeing as the background information of Bughuul is hauntingly evil, the inclusion of the character in a Blumhouse game just makes sense.

Michael Myers — (Halloween)

Michael Myers in 'Halloween Ends'
Image via Blumhouse

Much like his counterpart Ghostface, The Shape has been a staple in Dead by Daylight for several years now. However, with the recent surge in popularity due to Blumhouse’s rebooted Halloween trilogy, the golden opportunity for Michael Myers to receive his own interactive game is finally here. Truth be told, if there were ever an iconic horror villain who deserves their own game, then the knife-wielding babysitter-killer deserves a shining spotlight in Blumhouse’s upcoming video game universe.

Villains from The Purge

The Purge
Image via Universal Pictures

While the long-standing Purge franchise doesn’t necessarily scream traditional horror, there’s absolutely no denying that including the villains from the movies in Blumhouse’s video game realm would be a smart option. In doing so, a possible interactive game will follow similar formats by pitting survivors against Purge-inspired killers — and with how eccentric and beloved the villains’ costumes are for Halloween each year, a fresh-faced game feels like a critical move for Blumhouse’s profits.

The Grabber — (The Black Phone)

Image via Blumhouse Productions

As one of the newest horror villains on this list, Ethan Hawke’s The Grabber made a memorable impression on the genre in Scott Derrickson’s The Black Phone. Flash forward a year later, and the announcement from Blumhouse has opened up the perfect opportunity for The Grabber to make a spine-tingling return. Of course, the concept of an interactive game having players control children as survivors might be something that’s difficult to implement, but when it comes to Blumhouse, anything is possible.

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