The Battleborn Open Beta Is Live For All Of Its Platforms Today


The Open Beta for 2K Games’ Battleborn is live across all of its platforms as of today, meaning you can finally experience the action first hand. The Open Beta allows you to dive into the game’s story mode on your own, or to team up with companions and check out two episodes worth of the co-op content.

From there – assuming you’re confident enough in your own abilities, that is – you also can challenge other players in Battleborn‘s competitive multiplayer in two of its modes: Incursion and Meltdown.

In the test period you’ll start with 7 unlocked heroes and unlock more as you rank up and complete objectives. The content will allow you to experience the natural progression of the game as you unlock heroes, skins, taunts, titles, and more. You’ll also test out Battleborn’s multiple progression systems where playing either Story Mode or Competitive Multiplayer Modes will earn you XP towards temporary Helix augmentations as well as persistent Command Rank and Character Rank levels.

In addition to this, there’s also an added incentive for PS4 players who check in to the Open Beta. PS4 testers will receive the first Battleborn DLC Pack 1 and instant access to Alani upon release. In addition, PS4 players will have access to the Battleborn hero, Toby – the mech-driving penguin – during the Open Beta.

The Open Beta for Battleborn is live now, and you can check out some of the available challenges hidden within the available modes over at the official blog.

Source: 2K Games