The Big N Slates Super Mario Odyssey For October, Latest Trailer Hits Up New Donk City


Though The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was undoubtedly the must-have exclusive at launch, Switch owners are now beginning to look toward Super Mario Odyssey as the next big thing – barring the newly-unveiled Metroid Prime 4, of course.

As part of today’s Nintendo Spotlight event, the Japanese giant confirmed that its time-honored mascot will make his Switch debut on October 27th, and the wonderfully weird new trailer has arrived to prove it. Indeed, if you’re a fan of the more open-ended, exploration-based gameplay glimpsed across Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine, Odyssey is right up your street, while Cappy, the sentient hat, looks set to become a fan-favorite addition to Mario’s arsenal.

Not only does Cappy hold the power to transform Mario into new forms – a long-running trope of Nintendo’s iconic franchise – but the hat can be tossed at characters, enemies and even select objects should you need to solve one of the game’s puzzles. Perhaps the most exciting thing of all, though, is the sheer variety on display, with Super Mario Odyssey set to drop players in a range of environments – namely a sun-kissed desert, ice worlds, and an urban environment called New Donk City – each more visually impressive than the last. Heck, Odyssey will even have you morph into a towering T-Rex and a Mario Bullet Bill, while there’s also a welcome nugget of nostalgia in the form of a side-scrolling level that stirs up memories of Mario games gone by.

On the Amiibo front, we understand three wedding-themed figures are planned for the launch of Super Mario Odyssey: Mario, Princess Peach, and Bowser. Further details will be shared closer to release.

Super Mario Odyssey will whisk the Big N’s famous plumber off on an all-new adventure come October 27th.

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