The Division Is Free On PC This Weekend, 50% Discount For Those That Decide To Stay


If you’ve so far neglected to give Ubisoft’s The Division a go on PC, the publisher’s giving you the biggest incentive yet to do so – the shooter is free to play this weekend on the platform. From now until December 18, the entirety of The Division‘s core experience will be open for business without you having to drop a single penny, although its Underground and Survival expansions will be off limits for the duration of the promotional period.

As is usually the case with these things, all progress made during the trial period will transfer to the full game, should you chose to make a purchase following its conclusion. If so, you’ll want to act on the impulse sooner rather than later, Standard and Gold editions of the title currently have their prices slashed to 50% of their usual. Ubisoft says the sale period is for a limited time only, however.


Sadly, no such event appears to be on the cards for Xbox One or PlayStation 4 players, although owners of the latter can look forward to the arrival of The Division‘s Survival DLC next week, following its release on other platforms last month. What’s more, PS4 Pro support will be introduced on the same day, although Ubisoft has yet to detail what types of improvements will be included.

Survival strips agents of all their hard earned gear and dumps them in an inhospitable section of New York City with nothing but a sidearm to defend themselves. All resources will need to be scrounged from your surroundings if you wish to stay alive, although you’ll be competing with 23 other players for such precious commodities. You can give the original launch trailer above a quick watch for an idea of the trials that await you come December 20.