The Division’s Feature-Rich Patch 1.5 Goes Live On PlayStation 4 Tomorrow


The Division‘s update 1.5 is scheduled to go live on PlayStation 4 tomorrow, bringing with it a huge amount of changes to the third-person shooter’s core gameplay. Confirming the release date on the game’s official Twitter page, Ubisoft is hoping that the wide-reaching tweaks to loot drops, Player versus environment (PvE) content and class skills will ignite renewed interest in its chilly post-apocalyptic rendition of New York.

Back in August, the publisher announced that the second and third expansions – Survival and Last Stand – for The Division were to be pushed back in order for the development team to focus on improving the arguably weak foundation provided by the vanilla release. October’s Patch 1.4 kicked off the process of healing those wounds, having introduced a raft of game-changing fixes such as World Tiers, easier access to crafting materials and an arm’s-length list of bug fixes. Patch 1.5 builds upon that even further by introducing new weapon types, more gear sets and an increase to the maximum Gear Score.

Xbox One and PC players have had access to the contents of the patch since last week, which coincided with the release of expansion pack two – Survival, although it appears as if Ubisoft’s DLC exclusivity deal with Microsoft has inadvertently pushed back 1.5’s launch on Sony’s console.

Due to be available on the latter at some point in December, Survival strips players of all their hard-earned gear and dumps them in one of the dilapidated New York’s most dangerous areas. Players will need to scavenge supplies and work with others in order to ensure they don’t succumb to the harsh and unforgiving environment of the add-on.

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