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The Division’s Survival DLC Dated For PS4, Watch Chilling Launch Trailer

Survival, the second paid expansion for The Division, is available tomorrow for Xbox One and PC and will arrive for PS4 on December 20.

On the eve of release, Ubisoft has lifted the lid on the official launch trailer for Survival, the second paid expansion for The Division that’s due to premiere for Xbox One and PC tomorrow, November 22.

As per Microsoft’s content partnership with Ubisoft, the add-on will remain exclusive to those two platforms for a period of four weeks, before it’s made available for PlayStation 4 on December 20. It’s the sophomore expansion pack after Underground, and is set to introduce a novel game mode aptly call Survival. Equipped with low-level gear and low-level gear alone, the session-based mode is said to offer up “a more hardcore experience with survival mechanics and permanent death.”

Available as part of The Division‘s Season Pass, users also have the option to pick up Survival as a standalone add-on for $14.99. The DLC’s official description reads as so:

“During the devastating pandemic that followed Black Friday, rumors of a cure begin to circulate as a snowstorm approaches New York. Sent to recover the potential antidote from the Dark Zone, your chopper is brought down by the intensifying weather before reaching its destination. Vulnerable, stripped of all gear, wounded, and freezing to death, you must search for the cure in these unforgiving conditions and find a way to extract it from the chaos. Our survival depends on it.”

Originally on course to drop during the summer, Ubisoft postponed both Survival and the shooter’s third expansion, Last Stand, to target a handful of “lingering issues” that existed in the core experience. The French publisher is yet to outline a release window for the latter, but we’ll keep you posted as more information comes to light.

Xbox One and PC players can expect The Division‘s Survival expansion to arrive tomorrow, November 22, before the DLC makes the jump over to PlayStation 4 on December 20.

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