The Game Grumps controversy, explained

Image via YouTube/Game Grumps

One of the most popular forms of entertainment these days is to watch streamers as they play video games. Two friends, Arin Hanson and Dan Avidan, have taken advantage of this new form of entertainment and created their own brand, Game Grumps. The two play video games from their couch, and make a decent amount of money doing so.

Unfortunately with streaming, there are occasionally some things that happen that are not the best looks ever. One controversy that has fans wanting to know more was the Leadfoot Doxing incident. What exactly happened with this incident?

What happened during the Leadfoot Doxing incident?

Back in 2015, while the pair were playing the game Sonic Adventure, there was a moment in which the team had to read a walkthrough. This walkthrough was designed to help players find three different emerald pieces that would be used. Unfortunately, the pair did not think that the walkthrough was useful and got incredibly upset and angry at it, despite the attempt to help. The goal was not to give the exact location away, but to give hints and advice.

Dan then named the creator of the walkthrough during a livestreamed event. He then took it a step further and commented that, “If he gets a wave of hate from our fans, I would not be surprised.” After Dan said this, the fans of the group took matters into their own hands and went after the person who was just trying to help.

After the matter of the situation became clear to Dan, he apologized to the person who he had gone after, and the person accepted his apology. After the apology was given and received, the pair took the video down and then censored the name of the person. What makes this look awful for Dan and Arin is that they recently denied that this interaction ever took place, while there is video evidence to clearly support the fact that it indeed did.

This is not the only time that the pair has had to go through some sort of controversy. The pair have had so many issues in the past that one person took to Reddit and created an entire post going through all of their controversies. Hopefully the pair has learned to just stream in peace and enjoy their jobs, as there are many people who would trade places with them in an instant.