The Last Of Us Gamescom Trailer Is Familiar But Still Fantastic


The Last of Us may have previously introduced us to a new character, but it is once again the endearing dynamic between Joel and Ellie that is the focus of the latest trailer. Recently shown at Gamescom, this new trailer from Naughty Dog’s picturesque, post-apocalyptic action game is an intriguing mix of some new scenes, elements taken directly from the E3 gameplay demo and a song full of sorrow.

“Alone and Forsaken” by Hank Williams, Sr. serves as the backdrop to this characteristically beautiful trailer, and it begins with Ellie finding a tape of the record and prompting Joel to play it. From there, the trailer is comprised of various gameplay sequences, many of which we have seen previously, that portray their fight for survival after being ambushed.

Despite recycling old material, the game still manages to impress with the sincerity of the characters relationship and the incredibly detailed portrayal of the post-apocalyptic world. The song is used to incredible effect, at times syncing up with the scene and perpetually punctuating it.

Watch the latest from The Last of Us in the trailer below:

[Update] Some new screenshots from the game can be seen below:

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