The Last Of Us’ Grounded Bundle DLC Adds “Near Impossible” Difficulty Mode


Naughty Dog’s critically adorned The Last of Us may be inching ever closer to its one-year anniversary, but the studio isn’t ready to hang up the hat just yet.

Taking to the PlayStation Blog, community strategist Eric Monacelli revealed the third and likely final batch of DLC for season pass owners, the Grounded Bundle. Following previous additions to the multiplayer along with the story-centric Left Behind, this latest patch packs a wealth of content for both modes, including the previously rumoured new difficulty.

In the post, Monacelli touched upon the Grounded Mode, which he believes will make your Survivor playthrough seem like a walk in the park (giraffes and all).

“Grounded Mode will be the hardest challenge you’ll ever face as you try to complete the single player campaign of The Last of Us. The AI is relentless, smart and brutal – survival will be near impossible. “Completed Grounded Mode” might be one of the most difficult trophies you’ll ever earn.”

In terms of those new-fangled multiplayer additions, the Grounded Bundle will primarily introduce a new map pack. Entitled Reclaimed Territories, the batch of content will add four new post-apocalyptic milieus into the game, including Water Tower, Coal Mine, Wharf and Capitol. In addition, this third content pack will grant players access to an all-new weapon whether they purchase the DLC or not: the full auto-rifle.

Speaking of firepower, Naughty Dog also outlined three supplementary packs oriented for the tactically-minded players. The Survivalist Weapon Bundle does exactly what it says on the tin and integrates a weaponised quartet: the Double Barrel, Enforcer, Launcher and lastly, the Spectre. Elsewhere, two bundles will be available to season pass owners that bring new skill sets to the table, this pairing are the Professional Survivor and Situational skills bundles, which are tailored for fans of heavy firepower and those light on their feet, respectively

It’s worth noting that this breadth of content, and the DLC that preceded it, will be included in the recently unveiled PS4 editionThe Last of Us: Remastered — as well. It’s also understood that these packs will be available to purchase individually on the PlayStation 3, allowing Hunters and Fireflies alike to share the spoils of The Last of Us‘ Grounded Bundle.

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