First Multiplayer DLC For The Last Of Us Launches Today

the last of us abandoned dlc

Naughty Dog has confirmed that the first multiplayer downloadable content for The Last of Us, the Abandoned Territories Map Pack, will become available when the PS Store updates later today.

The Abandoned Territories DLC is included in the $19.99 season pass, or as a $9.99 stand-alone purchase, and throws the following four multiplayer maps into the rotation:

  • Suburbs – features random dynamic dust storms
  • Bus Depot – layered map with an overgrown urban area and wild giraffes in the background
  • Hometown – “dark, eerie, moonlit, environment” which is said to be “perfect” for stealth
  • Bookstore – a bi-level map with a “unique dose of vertical gameplay”

In addition to the first DLC, Naughty Dog announced that a new 1.05 patch (they apparently skipped over 1.04) will be released within the next 24 hours. This new update fixes several issues with The Last of Us‘ multiplayer mode and “tweaks” a couple of art assets in the single player portion of the game.

Check out The Last of Us‘ Abandoned Territories DLC maps in the trailer down below, and click over to the next page to see the full list of fixes included in the 1.05 patch.