SEGA’s Mega Drive Hub Leads To A Resurgence In Game Sales; 350,000 Sold Since Release


Sales of Mega Drive games since the launch of the SEGA Mega Drive Classics Hub have gone through the roof since the service’s launch on April 28, the publisher has announced. Over 350,000 games originally released for the console have been sold on Steam in just over three weeks, proving once again that SEGA should absolutely get back into the hardware business. We can all dream, right?

Director of digital distribution for SEGA Europe James Schall (via VideoGamer) voiced his own excitement over the resurgence in popularity for SEGA’s vast library of vintage titles.

We’re really chuffed that the fans have got behind this update. 350,000 sales is a phenomenal achievement for content which is over 20 years old! It shows that there’s still a huge following out for the SEGA Mega Drive and Genesis, reinvigorated by the fantastic community of modders out there uploading great content.

But why the boost in sales? You only need to watch the video above to get an idea of why people are snapping up their favorite childhood games in their droves. Besides the digital hub being presented in the form of a typical 90s bedroom, all Mega Drive games you purchase through Steam will be neatly placed on a bookcase for you to browse through at your leisure.

Have you been splurging on Mega Drive games over the last few weeks? Let us know what SEGA classics you’ve been re-discovering in the comments below.