The Wonderful 101 Delivers Brief Multiplayer Information

The Wonderful 101

Platinum Games, the folks that brought you Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, revealed some brief multiplayer information on their upcoming title The Wonderful 101 at Nintendo Direct this morning.

The video presentation that unveiled the new multiplayer information was brief but it managed to provide enough reason for Wii U owners to get excited.

The Wonderful 101 will launch with a five player cooperative mode and each player will be able to command their own squad of super heroes. This is the extent of the information provided, which leaves room for speculation as to exactly how the multiplayer component of the game will impact gameplay. From what we can gather, multiplayer for The Wonderful 101 seems to focused on local play rather than online multiplayer.

If The Wonderful 101 only supports local multiplayer it will be interesting to see how fans react. Especially with Hideki Kamiya, Game Director of Platinum Games, taking to Twitter in late April stating the following:

Clearly the focus of the title is to provide instantaneous fun for all players. It seems that by limiting the length of the story and zeroing in on the co-op experience Platinum Games may very well deliver your favorite Wii U party game.

The Wonderful 101 is scheduled to launch on August 23 in Europe, and on September 15 in the US. A future Nintendo Direct is planned to focus solely on Platinum Games’ intriguing superhero adventure, so be sure to check back for more information soon. For now, leave us your thoughts in the comments below!