Titanfall 2 Single-Player Details Revealed As Respawn Hopes To Strengthen Bond Between Pilot And Titan

On the front lines and in the face of adversity and war, they say that the bond between soldiers is unparalleled – but what of the bond between Titan and pilot?

In expanding its sci-fi shooter beyond the confines of online multiplayer, developer Respawn Entertainment is primed to launch Titanfall 2 with a fully-fledged single-player campaign come October, and today brings forth new information as to what the all-new game mode entails.

First and foremost, you’ll step into the boots of Jack Cooper, a grunt-level rifleman fighting the good fight under the Frontier Militia. Although Cooper has his eye on becoming a pilot himself, he’ll have to impress one Captain Lastimosa.

In outlining the creative process behind Titanfall 2‘s single-player component, producer Drew McCoy told GameSpot that:

“When we started Titanfall 2, it wasn’t a forgone conclusion to include single-player. It wasn’t this check box we wanted to mark off. It wasn’t market-driven development. It wasn’t marketing research.

“For us, single-player was a chance for us to expand on the universe we established in the first game. It was something that we as developers wanted to do. But we also wanted to bring more people to the party–those people who don’t always want to go online and deal with the stress of the competitive game.”

Titanfall 2 deploys across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on October 28. To have a peek behind the scenes, check out Respawn’s new video series designed to chronicle the sequel’s journey to launch.

Source: GameSpot