Titanfall 2’s Gameplay Will Be Slower Than The First

It’s not often you hear developers talk of ‘slowing down’ their gameplay, but Respawn Gaming has apparently done just that with Titanfall 2. Citing the original Titanfall‘s steep learning curve, the studio has expressed concerns that the gameplay was too difficult for new players.

You watch a good player now compared to a good player from two years ago and it’s a gulf of skill difference. So, one of the things about the whole chaos thing is, trying to make that depth understandable and learn able, so people feel like they have something to strive for and get better at the game in.

Trying to make your game as accessible to new players is a risky move. The hardcore fans who’ve rolled with the punches and built their skills might not think very highly of intentionally dumbing down gameplay to appeal to less committed players. In fact, an excessively difficult game can build a solid following on that characteristic alone, just look at Dark Souls for example.

However, the first person shooter genre is crowded, and a healthy multiplayer base is essential for the success of the game. Attracting new players and keeping them away from the multitude of other options is an understandable business strategy, and for Titantfall 2, it could very well be essential.