Titanfall 2 Will Reportedly Feature Grappling Hook And Larger Multiplayer Maps


Two weeks out from the sequel’s gameplay reveal at the inaugural EA Play event, the eagle eyes of Reddit have unearthed promotional material for Titanfall 2 that reportedly reveals key gameplay elements set to feature in Respawn’s sequel.

First spotted by Reddit user ilovegoogleglass, the artwork included below includes many of the Titanfall staples – a far-flung futuristic setting, infantry wall-running across buildings and of course, the towering mechs themselves.

Elsewhere in the thread and citing sources close to Respawn Entertainment, another user claimed that the 2016 release will feature larger multiplayer maps over its predecessor, even granting pilots with an all-new grappling hook to help them traverse across the war-torn environments. It’s a piece of equipment that will purportedly be used for “getting into your Titan, aiding free-running, or tactical plays such as pulling enemies while they’re midair.”

Beyond that, there’s also mention of a marketing campaign with Mountain Dew that will allegedly be showcased in full at E3 2016 next month. Much like tie-ins of this nature, picking up the promotional soda – either Mango Heat or Cherry Citrus – will open up in-game experience perks when Titanfall 2 eventually drops from orbit later this year.

If reports are to believed, Titanfall 2 will deploy across current-gen consoles and PC before the year’s end. That places Respawn’s sequel in close competition to DICE’s Battlefield 1 – also to be published by EA – which lands in October, indicating that Respawn will likely hold its sci-fi shooter until late November or even early December.