Titanfall Delayed Until April 8th On Xbox 360

Titanfall img7

Titanfall has already been available on the Xbox One and PC for over a week now and with all the critical praise that it’s been receiving, those who are still stuck with an Xbox 360 must be more than eager to get their hands on it. Though the last-gen version was supposed to drop on March 25th, Respawn Entertainment announced today that the game has been pushed back to April 8th (April 11th in Europe).

The developer posted the following on their website in regards to the delay:

“We see a few things that can be made even better, so we’re giving Bluepoint Games [the studio responsible for Titanfall’s Xbox 360 version] a little more time to do that and deliver an epic Titanfall experience for Xbox 360 players. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we get the last details right.”

While this is definitely disappointing news for those who are still Xbox 360 owners, knowing that Bluepoint is taking some more time to improve and perfect the game is reassuring. Titanfall has already proven to be a thrilling experience on both the Xbox One and PC, and if a few extra weeks means that the Xbox 360 version can stand up to its peers, then the wait should be worth it.

Source: Polygon