Titanfall Is Exclusive To Xbox One, 360 And PC


Microsoft and Electronic Arts have confirmed that their Xbox One/360/PC exclusivity deal for Titanfall will last “for the life of the title,” which means it will never be released on Sony’s PlayStation 4.

The clarification/announcement on Titanfall‘s exclusive status was made last night by Major Nelson’s Larry Hryb, who Tweeted the following:

News of the lifetime exclusive deal for Titanfall is somewhat surprising, considering Respawn Entertainment unveiled the shooter as a timed exclusive for the Xbox One, 360, and PC when it was announced earlier this year.

Apparently, the announcement was also a surprise to Respawn’s Vince Zampella, who stated that he found out about EA’s deal only “recently.”

In a follow up Tweet, Zampella stated that the studio will eventually make games for the PlayStation 4, however, “the first Titanfall” will not be one of them.

Terms of the exclusivity deal were not revealed, however, it is safe to say that Microsoft probably handed over a rather substantial amount of money to secure the title (we are imagining that the deal was sealed with one of those giant novelty checks).

We will all find out if the money well spent when Titanfall launches next March.