Titanfall Update Will Introduce Companion App; Respawn Contemplating Mac Version


Titanfall has only be in the public ether a couple of days — in North America, at least — but Respawn is currently outlining plans for the first mandatory update. Taking to Twitter, the studio’s producer, Drew McCoy, confirmed that the patch will introduce private lobbies and a mobile companion app, all the while tweaking the game’s matchmaking.

With private lobbies, Respawn confirmed that players will be able to set-up their own slice of multiplayer mayhem with particular opponents or friends. What’s more, McCoy also hinted at the possibility of new game modes weaning their way into Titanfall further down the line, but how this filters into the studio’s mix of paid and free DLC remains to be seen.

In terms of Titanfall’s resolution on consoles, many Xbox One owners were critical of the title’s 792p cap. And although reports suggested that Respawn planned to push the visual bar up to 900p on Microsoft’s next-gen platform, McCoy was quick to taper speculation. Moreover, it’s been confirmed that the frame rate cap — which locks FPS to 60 on PC — is “being worked on.”

Elsewhere, the studio’s head Vince Zampella also touched upon the possibility of bringing the cybernetic first-person shooter to Mac. In response to a fan’s question, Zampella confirmed that Respawn are currently in talks with Aspyr — the company that brought the likes of Borderlands 2 to Apple’s platform — though it’s unclear if and when this port will enter development.

While the Xbox 360 version of Titanfall is still standing by, with Bluepoint Games’ port not deploying until March 25th in North America, Respawn’s frenetic, futuristic shooter is currently available across Xbox One and PC.

Source: Twitter