Tom Clancy’s The Division Debuts Five Minutes Of Jaw-Dropping Gameplay

Despite very little information being shared during Microsoft’s E3 media show, Tom Clancy’s The Division got a full-length gameplay trailer showcasing a squad of four take on some non-player characters for control of a base in what appears to be downtown New York.

The footage starts off showing us that it’s Christmas day in a city very different to the Big Apple that we all know today. The streets are empty, the train stations are completely abandoned, and gunshots can be heard ringing over the city’s landscape.

During the gameplay video we see two players navigate through one of these abandoned stations using a holographic map that projects from the player’s equipment. Soon after, another player appears to hack the security station to get a feel of what happened in the area, revealing that a large outbreak occurred inside.

They then move outside, where we are shown how you can squad up with other players, as well the various ways you can take on enemies. This is where things get interesting, as we see a combination of high-tech methods with improvised tactics. The players quickly change up their skills as required for the area and tackle the enemies with electric traps and drones.

Additionally, you can also see a wide range of enemies and even destructible environments, with paint cans exploding over certain opposing forces and cover slowly progressing from “viable” to “useless” in a few seconds. Some enemies use actual firearms, while others use simple axes to rush towards the players, forcing you to be on your toes for threats on every corner.

Undoubtedly, it’s going to take a while before we get our hands on The Division, with Ubisoft pegging the game for an early 2015 release. However, after an extensive delay to refine and polish the post-apocalyptic shooter, it looks like it might be a bright future for the Tom Clancy game after all.