Tony Hawk Will Reveal A New Game At 2011 Spike VGAs

From the sounds of it, we may be getting another game with Tony Hawk‘s name on it. At least, that happens to be the only way I can think of, to interpret the professional skateboarder’s video game-related tweet:

“I’ll be announcing the upcoming release of something new on Sat; the same day as the Spike Video Game Awards,” mentioned Hawk in a recent Twitter post.

Considering how poorly-received the more recent entries in the Tony Hawk video game series were received, this news must be a surprise to most. However, Activision seems loyal to the once incredible franchise, with hopes that it can somehow be revived from its resting place in the digital graveyard. It’ll certainly be interesting to find out what new features this (assumed) next interpretation will have, considering they’ve already tried going the physical board/motion control route, without much success. In fact, the series’ last release (Shred) sold a paltry 3000 copies during its launch week.

The series’ first four titles were incredibly addictive, stealing hundreds of hours of my life. The original title still retains its spot as my favourite extreme sports game, even though it’s been out for quite a few years. There’s just nothing like the replay value found in those games. However, most of the current generation releases have been mediocre at best, achieving diminishing returns. As much as I want to play another great, new skateboarding game, I can’t help but worry that this will be another mediocre release.

Here’s hoping this one will break the recent trend. Fingers crossed.

We’ll have more about Tony Hawk‘s reveal for you in the future. Keep checking back for that, and let us know what you think about the franchise and its current state, by heading down to the comments section.

The 2011 Spike TV Video Game Awards will air this Saturday.