10 Awesome Horror Video Games Inspired By Movies

10) Slender: The Arrival (2013)

Inspired by: The Blair Witch Project

Thanks to 1999’s shoestring budget, supernatural horror phenomenon The Blair Witch Project, the found footage sub-genre received a ghostly kick in the ol’ derriere. It wasn’t just the cinema that felt these cultural reverberations either, but video games, too.

Much like The Blair Witch Project’s eerily believable fictional legend, a huge part of the Slender mythos’s creepy antagonist, Slenderman, is that he too originated from a word-of-mouth internet phenomenon. A tall, contorted faceless man in a suit who stalks his victims in the woods before driving them insane and violently murdering them, Slenderman echoes a lot of themes, imagery and even the tone from the 1999 cinematic horror craze.

The great thing is that the first release in the Slender series is a free PC download dubbed Slender: The Eight Pages, and it’s arguably just as shocking and creepy as its 2013 iteration. You really have no excuse not to check it out!

Forever looming in the darkest corner of the woods and constantly hounding your every step, the Slenderman is the ultimate definition of “nope,” but in the best way possible.

He. Will. Get. You.