10 Upcoming PS Vita Games That We Can’t Wait For

9) Forgotten Memories: Alternative Realities (Late 2017)


No hot upcoming video game list would be complete without a spot of good old-fashioned survival-horror. You play as Rose, a woman who awakes wounded in a strange, unfamiliar place, tasked with searching for a young girl named Eden. Her adventures will take her through unexplored hallways of a decrepit, abandoned Asylum to save the lost soul of Eden. She’ll have to confront her deepest fears to unlock the mysteries behind her terrifying investigation.

With notable voice acting performances from the original Silent Hill 2 actors Guy Cihi and David Schaufele (James Sunderland and Eddie Dombrowski), this is an old-school, third-person psychological survival-horror experience to keep your beady eyes locked upon.


8) Plague Road (Summer 2017)

A successful Kickstarter funded indie project, Plague Road is a turn-based tactical strategy RPG set around a gothic city overwhelmed with the titular disease. You’re a Plague Doctor returning to your home in your bid to find and save the survivors of the abhorrent sickness that has gripped the kingdom. The game consists of multiple procedurally-generated locations ranging from bandit-filled plains, monster-infested forests, overrun city outskirts and an abomination-stalking city centre. A typical Saturday night out then.

Different regions feature their own variety of monster types and risk/reward scenarios that enable you to make permanent upgrades to your character. The further you explore, the more challenging and monstrously deformed the creatures become. With velvety smooth voice-work from infamous video game critic Jim Sterling and designed by former Destructiod editor Conrad Zimmerman, this is a game crafted by people who truly love video games.