6 Must Own Pieces Of DLC For The PS4


Destiny: The Taken King

Love it or hate it, Destiny is a tour de force in the gaming world, especially on PS4 where Bungie have created an immense community of players that can’t get enough of the MMO shooter. Ironically, however, Destiny was heavily criticized at launch for its bare bones offering in regards to content.

Indeed, long before the hugely popular PVP crucible modes found in later add-ons such as Trials of Osiris, Destiny was a skeleton of game. In particular, its single player lacked any meaningful substance, with much of its campaign comprised of tedious fetch quests and a very uninspiring story arc.


Destiny needed a revamp, and with the release of The Taken King, that’s exactly what we got. This is the Destiny that we should have had from the start; balanced gameplay and levelling progression across a variety of multiplayer modes, and, most importantly, a decent narrative woven into its single player campaign. The Taken King is more than just essential DLC, it’s the true Destiny; the expansion that breathed life into the game and brought the content to justify its enormous eco-system of players.

If you were put off by Destiny’s initially mediocre reviews or by its lack of single player campaign, then we’d urge you to give The Taken King a try. The game still boasts a significant community with constant updates being issued from Bungie, and there’s something for everyone to enjoy in its plethora of different modes.

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