Trade Evolutions Might Be Coming To Pokémon Go

Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go could be about to introduce a key gameplay feature from the main series, it seems.

Seasoned whistleblower and data-miner Chrales has recently emerged from a deep dive into the mobile game’s files and uncovered a wealth of new information that fans will assuredly be excited about. Let’s start with the biggest revelation of all, shall we? Trade evolutions – i.e. the process of causing a Pokémon to evolve by trading it to another player – could be on course to reach Pokémon Go in the near future. As per Chrales’ discovery, the system would function a little differently to that seen in the mainline series in a number of ways.

For starters, ‘Mons like Haunter, Machoke and Graveler – all creatures that normally only evolve through trades – can already be evolved via the use of Candy in Pokémon Go. The proposed benefit of using the feature in Niantic’s title will be the elimination of that aforementioned ‘Candy tax’, making the process completely free. Whether trade evolutions will be limited to a specific set of Pokémon remains to be seen, however.

As for other morsels of info discovered in the leak, see the gallery below for more details:

A new event, World Tourism Day, is said to kick off on September 27th, likely bringing with it a series of unique and exclusive rewards. What those are is anyone’s guess, but obtaining them will involve completing a series of tasks, including making friends, sending gifts to other players and trading Pokémon caught from certain distances apart.

Finally, a new evolutionary item, the Unova Stone, has been uncovered and first appeared in Generation 5’s Pokémon Black and White. We already know via the ongoing Ultra Bonus event that critters from that era are due to debut imminently, so its appearance isn’t at all surprising. As for which Pocket Monsters will require its use to trigger an evolution in Pokémon Go? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we? Stay tuned.