New Trailer Introduces Watch Dogs’ Major Players


Ubisoft’s latest trailer for Watch Dogs proves that, even if you have technology on your side, you’ll still need trustworthy and talented friends in order to be successful. That is, in Chicago’s fictionalized hacking underworld, within which the game takes place.

The new video offers insight into the different personalities that you will rely upon as main character Aidan Pearce. There’s the twenty-eight year-old super-hacker, the middle-aged wild card welder, and the senior citizen crime boss, just to name a few, and all seem to be major players within the title’s campaign. They, along with the game’s other introduced cast members, all look to have their own specialties, to go along with their diverse personality types.

Watch Dogs will hack the city of Chicago when it drops on May 27th. Keep checking back as we lead up to that date, for more information, as well as our detailed review.