New Trailer For The Surge Shows Off Brutal Dismemberment-Based Loot System


The latest trailer for Deck13’s The Surge has arrived today, with gameplay this time focusing on teaching players how to utilize the action-RPG’s unique limb-slicing loot system to full effect. Despite what it’s brutal, bloody combat would suggest, The Surge is anything but gratuitous violence for the sake of it – precision is of utmost importance if players wish to obtain the best of the best in regards to upgrading their armory. Sure, you can go into any combat situation and mindlessly hack away at your enemies, but that’s not likely to result in much other than your premature death.

In what Deck13 is describing as a risk/reward combat system, players are able to lop off the limbs of their opponents by way of a combination of vertical and horizontal attacks, with the dismembered body part determining what piece of equipment or type of loot is received. In many cases, foes will have one limb that’s not as well protected as others, leaving them open to an easy kill, although opting to pursue this route will yield lower quality materials and drops. Muster up the courage and attempt to remove a powerful-looking piece of kit, however, and you’ll be rewarded handsomely, although you’ll be in for a much lengthier and more difficult fight because of it.

While it couldn’t be more different aesthetically or thematically, everything that’s been shown of The Surge‘s combat so far reminds me of Dark Souls. Just like From Software’s series, Deck13’s latest project looks to prioritize weighty and impactful combat encounters rather than those of a hack and slash nature, and I eagerly await more.

The Surge is out May 16 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC and in case you missed it, Deck13 previously released a story trailer for the title, which you can find here.