Here’s 14 Minutes Of New The Surge Gameplay, Courtesy Of Deck13


The next game from Lords of the Fallen developer Deck13 – The Surge – has just received a new 14-minute gameplay video that provides a rundown of the action RPG’s core mechanics and how players will be tackling the many threats lurking in the CREO company’s deserted industrial complex. The footage comes with some in-depth commentary from Deck13, which explains that The Surge is set in a near-future dystopian version of Earth that’s been devastated by drastic climate change.

CREO’s aim was to research methods in which to reverse the dire situation facing the planet, although something appears to have gone horribly wrong – the institution’s entire workforce has been nearly wiped out, with various defense systems and crazed former employees having overrun the place. In case you missed last month’s story trailer, you fill the shoes of protagonist Warren, a rookie who’s having an even worse first day on the job than Leon in Resident Evil 2. Having survived a routine procedure gone horribly wrong, Warren’s tasked with getting to the bottom of CREO’s problems equipped with an exo-suit that’s been grafted to his skin.

the surge 02-w800-h600

The Surge will place heavy emphasis on melee combat, says Deck13, but replacing the usual trope of heavy and light attacks, Warren will need to be a little more precise in his approach to combat, utilizing horizontal and vertical slices to dismember the weaponized limbs of his opponents. These can then be equipped or researched in order for Warren to use personally. Parrying and well-timed dodges will also be available, according to the video’s description.

The Surge is out in May for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.