Deck 13’s Action RPG The Surge Locked In For May Release Date


We’ve not heard much about Deck 13’s The Surge since it was announced back in 2015, but it appears as if the developer has been preferring to skip the publicity in order to focus on getting the dystopian RPG finished because it now has a release date.

As of this May, players will experience its world first-hand through the life of Warren, a rookie on his first day of work at CREO, a mega-corporation that claims to have the noble aim of saving the world from itself. As the new trailer (above) so elegantly shows, Warren’s budding new career doesn’t exactly go to plan. A routine operation that’s supposed to perform the simple job of grafting an exo-suit to Warren’s body goes haywire, marking the first of many, many misfortunes about to come his way.

From the footage and concept art we have been privy to so far, we already know that the exo-suit technology shown in the trailer will play an integral part in The Surge‘s gameplay, and will help Warren combat the nightmare that’s been unleashed in the bowels of the CREO facility. Malfunctioning robots, mentally unstable employees and murderous AI are just some of the delights Warren will have to face, and Deck 13 says players will need to “improvise in order to survive.” As you progress, upgrades obtained from fallen enemies can be integrated into your own exo-suit, further unlocking new portions of the CREO complex.

So, The Surge certainly has an interesting premise, but can its gameplay deliver? Until we see some more, we’ll reserve judgment, but considering the generally positive reception its previous game – Lords of the Fallen – received, this could prove to be one of 2017’s sleeper hits.

The Surge will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC in May. Expect more details for the game to be revealed in February at Le What’s Next de Focus in Paris on February 1.

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